Global Forest Watch

Global Forest Watch (GFW) is an independent online forest monitoring platform launched in 2014 by the World Resources Institute. GFW allows free access to timely and high-resolution data on the current state of forests and recent forest changes. The goal is to monitor the worldwide loss of forests through weekly and annual updates for a better protection.

Also, the worldwide mangrove stocks can be viewed. For this the ‘Interactive Map’ has to be opened → the tab ‘Land cover’ selected → and ‘Mangrove forests’ have to be activated. CO2 emissions from deforestation (tab ‘Climate’) or commodities (tab ‘Land use’), which are responsible for deforestation in the regions, can be activated.

Global Mangrove Watch (GMW) provides data on mangrove stocks and changes, which can be downloaded from 1996 to 2016. Maintained, lost and gained stocks are displayed in different colors.

Global Mangrove Watch (1996 – 2016)